Let go and let God

Do you remember the story of the drowning man, clinging to a branch in the swollen river, certain to lose his battle against the raging waters, but choosing to hold on and fight the impossible battle, feeling that was better than letting go into the unknown?

It is hard for us to fight our conditioning and have complete trust in things working out in our behalf. We have been taught to be rugged and self-reliant. We should not have complete faith in anyone else. If we weren’t constantly looking out for our best interest, who would?

Our egos want to be in charge, as that IS how it has always been. But things are now changing….GDR


The thought of “let go and let God” often brings up fear because we believe we have to sacrifice if we let go. We tell ourselves that surrender is a sign of weakness. However, by questioning those beliefs, I’ve discovered that when I truly surrender all to God, my awareness opens into our only real Source of strength, safety, freedom, joy, wellbeing, and the most tender love there is.

Many of us have been taught to believe that our Creator is strict and punishing. This is a false image of God created by the illusionary ego part of our mind which thinks we separated from God and should therefore be punished. The ego only has one lens to view everything from – separation / guilt / fear. The ego mind projects an image of a judging, vengeful god because it sees itself as bad, guilty and deserving punishment.

In Truth, however, our Creator is the Source of unconditional Love that always sees us as It created us – the same pure loving Essence as Itself. However, if you believe that God is outside of you, judging your every move, the thought of surrendering to It will evoke tremendous fear. How could it not?

If that is the case for you, I invite you to question this belief with the Let Go And Let God Process below.

Summary Of The Let Go And Let God Process

Step 1Acknowledge
Decide to acknowledge that your thinking / perspective is the only cause of your suffering.

Step 2Surrender
Decide to be willing to let go of your habitual, separate way of thinking that has only caused you suffering. Let go and let God.

Step 3Accept
Decide to accept the perspective of the Awake Light within you that is who you REALLY are.

Step 4Forgive
Decide to forgive yourself for all that you (as the ego mind) created by believing an erroneous thought system based on the misperception that you are separate from God.

See that your brothers and sisters aren’t the cause of your suffering. Forgive and release them by letting go of your erroneous perception of them.

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