Solitude and God

Footprints in the Sand~ Archangel Metatron 

One walks the path of Mastery in sovereign detachment

Solitude is intended to be a period of sublime reverence of self. Your life and your experience in this plane is your own creation, your own living tapestry, woven by your individual belief. Within solitude, the soul is prompted into self-review, and opportunity is given to dive deeply into the deep waters that flow within you.

Man searches for GOD more fervently now than at any other time on the planet, and so this seeking in itself has the potential to bring in the light.

There are pre agreed points that allow for freedom of choice and for change, even if that change is to end the partnership. In sovereignty individuals share their best, without compromise of ideals. Each will recognize the divinity of the other, and retain the integrity of SELF. They will afford their own promises and choices of a new paradigm, but there will be avenues and opportunities of adjustments and the ability of reviewing terms.

This will allow for greater recognition of the SELF. These will be designed to prevent energy blockage and reduce dysfunctional marriages and divorce complications and lawsuits, you see. Some relationships in these terms will indeed last a lifetime, some will not. But the archetype of sovereignty will better support both, based on choice and mutual agreement of each individual’s terms. And as such independence becomes joyful, devoid of one partner being dominant and imposing their beliefs, morality and will over another.

Humankind, in mass today, truly does not recognize or understand their soul, their divine SELF. Self is unfortunately regulated to the realm of ego personality by the masses. It is true that a higher degree of the light quotient is awakened on the planet now, more than has occurred at any other time.

None of your world religions truly answer these questions today. None of your religions acknowledge your Cosmic Extra-Terrestrial heritage nor your multi-dimensional nature. And that must and will be acknowledged & understood in the new paradigm.

None of your current mainstream religions can accurately and completely express the true history of man on the earth. As such, there is no one true religion on the planet today. Most are bought and sold on preset regulated templates. Each claim to know the paths to God, to be able to lead the way to God, yet none truly do. Each has its dogma; each has its hierarchy and some utilize fear based controls that encourage fanaticism and zealotry.

As man searches for GOD,  this seeking in itself has the potential to bring in the light.

Religion in the new paradigm, must be individualized, must truly recognize the nature of SELF the nature of the DIVINE SOUL.

Accept only what you discern individually to resonate as true,  and do not give your power to another.

You are here to make known the unknown! Work at it! Be a warrior of light within duality, for the true battles are within for self mastery.

Discover your path. Discover yourself. Love yourself, love one another, and love the divinity inside you and inside every one! Discover the multidimensional aspects of your true Soul. That is the nobility of solitude. And though the path is at times quite difficult and lonely, know that such is the challenge of duality, for above, you are whole, and lack nothing. In the higher realm, Masters, you are in your sacred nature of integral wholeness, in complete and abundant bliss.

We are ever with you. We offer unconditional love. We ask that you treat yourself and others with nurturing love and respect. We honor you!

I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I share with you these TRUTHS! You are Beloved.

…And so it is.

James Tyberonn All Rights Reserved

April 10, 2013

Archangel Metatron Channel via James Tyberonn


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