Helping Haiti and the Bahamas

With so much attention in our corporate media focussing on Donald Trump and the US elections, along with the aftermath of  Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina, it is easy to ignore the huge problems in some of our neighborhood.

Since our government is busy with other things, this is a time for people to rise to the challenge. We have learned that putting our faith and hopes into another is futile. We need to stop thinking that the “right person” in charge could solve all (or any) the problems of this world.


We are the ones that must ignore our mainstream media and their stories designed to divide us into fearful camps, and take on the challenge of helping people. Besides a peaceful place for all to live in,  we must also focus on everyone in this world having enough good food, clean water, and a home with running water.

This is the time for us to use our interconnectedness with social media to find a team of people to bring a boatload of supplies and hearty volunteers ready to help the people still suffering from Matthew, especially those whom were living in shabby conditions before.

Building homes and bringing hope would be a wonderful antidote to many Americans tired of the presidential election.


Let’s forget the fighting and wedge issues thrown at us constantly by the corporate media. Let’s use this time to lift us all, by lifting those at the bottom that are suffering and in need. We truly are the ones we have been waiting for.




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