Make room for the new

We are in the midst of a gigantic evolutionary leap, whether you feel it or not. We are ALL changing, due to the frequency increase we are experiencing as the Earth moves through this energized area of the Universe. 


How we change is up to each of us individually. Nobody can do the necessary learning for someone else. They can only be a catalyst for someone to want to grasp the truth fro themselves.

The truth is that the truth is NOT out there. The truth is,  that the the truth is “in” there, and always has been. We have everything we need inside us. As each microscopic piece of a holograph contains the entire picture, or our DNA contains our essence , so we have the original Divine blueprint in us. We ARE a part of God, literally. We are ALL a part of one organism.

For us to move into our new world, we must make some room. We need to clear out all the “stuff” we have been clinging to in the third density. We can’t bring that stuff into the golden age, so we have to leave it behind.  Everything.

This is where we have to have faith. Complete faith. We have to actually let completely go of our ego’s need  to control all of our decisions. That HAS been the way it worked, but that is now the past.

We have to be able to trust our inner voice, our Higher Self and guardians to steer us to where we need to be. Clinging on to the past is a way to remain in the old ways of disharmony, fear, sickness slavery and death.

We can certainly do better. We all need to wake up and take the wheel. We have let these overlords and their highly paid minions run rough-shod over us for long enough. We have become vassals by our own neglect, apathy and our conditioning.

We have been taught to follow orders. That we need rulers and nations. Those days can be gone when the majority of us are ready to take back our unique sovereignty. This is a new dawn. Make room for the new.

I don’t know if Colin Kaerpernick’s refusal to salute the flag is solely because of the police misconduct and the black lives matter. But I think the point about pledging allegiance to a flag, and a country, is wrong. I see images of NAZIs  and their great leader, the people being mind controlled into obedience.

I believe that way of thinking belongs to the past. We don’t need the kind of control as in the past. We are capable of being sovereign beings and living in a world without borders.

Let’s be thankful for all that we have been through, all the suffering and struggle that has taught us. We learned about man’s unloving ways through heartbreak. We can now just say good-bye to this old way of living in a dog-eat-dog world of the best man wins.

Our past can be loving put away into the Akashik record for archive reasons, so we will always know the truth, but our experiences have no bearing on our future, unless that is your desire.

This is the time to choose the path you want to take. If you have you finished your lessons and you are ready to live in the world of 5th density, or do you want to keep living a world of division and turmoil. Now is the time to decide if you are on the path of service to others, or service to self. GDR


Humans are Free .

This Will Happen When You’ll Open Your Third Eye

Open third eye.jpg

You can’t argue with the fact that the Earth is waking up from this man created illusion that we have been living in, and a lot more human beings are finally getting in touch with their true nature, otherwise known as self-realization.

However, the spiritual movement has a long way to go before it stabilizes, there are still so many beings that need to mature and integrate the basic understanding of spiritual concepts.

It’s easy to get caught up in spiritual wisdom that circulates the public domain, one of the most common power infused ideas that catch the attention of seekers and those who would love to change their life, is the idea that by opening their third eye, they’re going to experience life in a new and exciting way that puts behind all the negativity and problematic experiences. Not so.

I have seen it many times over in the recent years — questions, answers, content, and even paid promotions, on the topic of ‘opening your third eye’, it baffles me when I see people who are willing to pay money to have their third eye chakra ‘opened’ by some mysterious guru, who in reality is only looking to open up your wallet and manifest some dollars for himself.

Third eye opens naturally, yet the process is gradual and you can’t expect to have your third eye blossoming after a few meditations.

The first step towards igniting the flame within this chakra is to have a sit down with yourself, and measure the importance of spirituality in your life.

Here are some thought provoking questions:

  • How does meditation affect my life. Have I noticed a difference?
  • How do I define spirituality, and how does spirituality defines me?
  • What’s more important: to love myself, or to love temporary experiences.
  • How do I feel about the third eye, what’s my motivation behind having it begin to open?
  • What’s my understanding of the third eye, how is it going to impact my life?

You have to be honest with yourself before you can dive into the deeper exploration of spirituality, and experience all that it has to offer.

Answer the above questions truthfully and see how you feel about them, what kind of emotions do they trigger, and see for yourself whether you would like to work more on improving the quality of your life by practicing meditation and self-love.

Third Eye Opening

Our third eye is part of our energetic body, it has been with us since the very birth of our physical body, and it has always been activated and spinning.

I highly recommend to contemplate childhood experiences around the age of 3 to 5 (or as far as you can remember), and reflect on things like: confidence, truth, willpower, and trust.

As children, before our mind switches to the state of conditioned being, we are ultra-sensitive and fully aligned with our spiritual selves, but as children we don’t see it that way, we’re just happy to be alive, happy to experience all that life has to offer.

It’s very common for the modern human being to reach early adulthood with sever depression, anxiety and fear about life, the self, and the future.

The period from age 6 to 20 is so intense and overwhelming that we completely lose ourselves in the illusion of materialism and egoism.

How exactly does that relate with the opening of third eye?

Well, it’s quite simple actually. When we begin a spiritual practice, such as meditation, and invest our faith and trust into it, eventually it starts to manifest in our reality, and this reality is not so much different from our childhood. The third eye is a direct link with our intuition and knowing.

How does intuition and knowing manifest in our reality?



George Carlin Talks About “Stuff”


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