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Partisans are completed as unifieds arise.

Star seeds come to the fore.

Elements of Higher Light illuminate the hu-being.

Marchers arise.


Interpretations: “Partisans are completed as unifieds arise.” – The term partisan refers to an individual who supports a party, viewpoint or cause; usually, one that is in opposition to another group, but not always. Within politics, one who supports a party’s initiative is said to have a partisan viewpoint. One who holds a partisan view, is by definition separate from some group or population, with respect to the topic in question. For example, consider that with respect to the topic of self-imposed slavery, the vast majority of the population as a result of mass mind control and social traumas happily accept their status as slaves and even impose this on others in an effort to protect their way of life. Culture, tradition, and social norms have almost completely obscured any other way of life, but some individuals have not forgotten what true freedom is. The division between these two groups, their free will choice, and desires, creates a partisanship that divides humanity. So long as disagreement and intolerance persist, division thrives. But if partisans are completed then this suggest that agreement at some level has occurred, and as a result, unifieds arise. This statement can be interpreted to mean that those metaphysical things that prevent unification—ideas, beliefs, and the resulting desires that spring forth therefrom—have been reconciled at some level. As a result, society and the collective will continue to unify now that division no longer is prevalent.

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“Star seeds come to the fore.” The term star seed refers to one who was born on earth but came from another place, planet or realm in their previous life, but there could also be a secondary meaning here as the term normally appears as a single word, starseed. This secondary meaning could be that a seed of a star is coming to the fore, or that the essence of a star is rising in potential. Symbolically, a star is an object of incredible energy and power, something that has so perfectly evolved that they are able to act as a vessel for divine creative energy, as a mother-father being to a system of evolving worlds—planets. In everyday life, a star is usually associated with celebrity, someone who has a great influence on many people. The two concepts are effectively equivalent in that both stars influence things through the essence of their being. One who inspires others can also be considered a star. Given that the previous statement in this update referred to unifieds arise, and that unity consciousness or enlightenment is the result of making one’s house in order so as to become a vessel for the divine, this statement can be interpreted to mean that those who can personify unification are coming to the fore. When two or more people are in conflict the person who can see both sides objectively and provide council so as to effect healing and restoration of trust can be thought of as a star seed. Incorporating the first meaning of starseeds, those who came to this world with the purpose of being way showers and healers can become agents of healing and restoration, but only if they have done the required work before hand.

The universe has two general categories of individual evolutionary progress. First we must become whole within, we must regain control over our consciousness and become the master of our own house, what has been described as enlightenment, self-mastery, or a Hue-being, within Gaia Portal vernacular. Once this has been accomplished, and the trappings of selfishness, trauma, and separation consciousness have been overcome, the second phase of universal ministry begins. Here, the evolving soul no longer focuses the majority of their attention on restoring balance within, as this has been accomplished already, now they become an agent of the divine, an emissary of the universal spirit and a warrior for truth, justice and in beneficial service of all. In this sense, whether one is a starseed or not doesn’t matter unless they have done the required inner-work to be effective as a star seed. Those who have done this work will begin to become more apparent and active at this time.

“Elements of Higher Light illuminate the hu-being.” – The term element refers to an aspect of something that is essential or required; water is an element of plant life. The term illuminate refers to a condition wherein a thing is filled with light, either physically or metaphysically. Light is symbolic of true knowledge and wisdom, the attainment of spiritual progress, hence the term enlighten-ment, a mind and consciousness filled with the light of truth. Given these meanings, the phrase elements of higher light suggest an aspect of truth and wisdom is illuminating the hu-being. If a Hue-being is someone who has attained enlightenment, then a hu-being is someone who has not. The inverse of one who has mastered their consciousness, restored order to their house and become an agent of the divine. The vast majority of human beings on Earth can be considered hu-mans as they impose harm, slavery, and oppression on their fellows because they don’t know any other way of being. Hence, way showers are an essential part of the shift in consciousness now taking place. It isn’t enough to have knowledge, we must breathe life into it via our actions, and in doing so, shine our light as star seeds into the darkened minds around us. In this sense, starseeds did not come to this world only to realize they do not want to be here anymore—as many initially recognize in their awakening before they have become enlightened. Instead, a starseed is here because they choose a mission of great importance, such as to show the hu-beings a way out of their traumatized and disempowered lives. This statement can be interpreted to mean that when we act in harmony with truth, especially when it contradicts established traditions and cultural norms rooted in disempowerment, elements of higher light illuminate the hu-being—we show by our deeds that a better way exists, which inspires those around us.

“Marchers arise.” – The term marchers refer to those who protest or stand up to take action, usually in relation to a political or social issue. If we consider that the problems of this world slowly took form as a result of collective action, then it stands to reason a corrective set of actions will be required in order to restore balance and harmony. Given the preceding statements in this update, this phrase can be interpreted to mean that those who see a better way through the attainment of spiritual progress (enlightenment and honor of the truth) are becoming active and rising to the occasion.

Slavery by definition is a submission to or relinquishment of one’s sovereign powers to an oppressor, either by explicit or implied consent. When good people do nothing, evil thrives. But when good people do something, darkness recedes. We seem to be approaching a critical threshold when a season of hibernation and inner-work for the collective is coming to an end, and a season of sowing star seeds is coming to the fore. Those of us who have gained knowledge of the truth should expect anything that holds us back from this loving act of service to feel increased stress, pain, and fear when we dim our own light. The universe is merciful in delaying cosmic justice but only for so long. As the adage says, God helps those who help themselves, meaning we must be brave enough to act in our truths, and in doing so face our fears that prevent individual soul mission realization.

Karma in this sense is a tool for encouraging soul growth, and the rule of thumb is that knowledge of the truth received must be acted on. If it is avoided, life will become increasingly difficult as a way to encourage us to change. But instead of thinking of these storms of life as horrible and unwanted, we can embrace them as a challenge from the universe to rise to the occasion. For a musician who never plays their music can not enjoy it or share it with others. A healer who never practices their skills, will heal no one and feel dejected as a result. And one who never gives life to their love through expression will not help themselves or others.

So in this time of transition, find the courage to be the best you can, strive for perfection yet humble yourself to the truth of your actions, and always seek wisdom instead of self-aggrandizement.


– Justin

About The Author

Justin Deschamps is a truth seeker inspired by philosophy and the love of wisdom in all its forms. He was formally trained in physics and psychology, later discovering the spiritual basis of reality and the interconnected nature of all things. He strives to find the path of truth while also walking it himself, sharing what he knows with others so as to facilitate cooperative change for a better future. He is a student of all and a teacher to some. Follow on Twitter @sitsshowFacebook Stillness in the Storm, and steemit @justin-sits.



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