Must see TV?

Those that have expressed their intention to let go of the third density, and be on the fast-track ascension path, well here is an opportunity to test yourself.


If you are disengaging from the status quo, then you have to let go and have faith. Letting go into the unknown is difficult, as your ego wants to take charge, as always. Your ego wants you to have a dog in the fight, to keep you in the fight. Watch with detachment.

If you can’t watch the TV NEWS without getting emotional, then you are still attached to  one side or the other. It matters not which side you are on, as both sides are still in the illusionary 3rd density. That low frequency world is fast disappearing from our vision as the frequencies rise. If you do pick a side in the presidential election, or  in any of the numerous wedge issues constantly pushed in our face by the corporate media, they still have you, so you need to turn off the tube.

We have to let go of caring about the national election. So if you simply can’t watch Trump or Clinton because you believe they are on the wrong side, then don’t watch. Same for Johnson and Stein. Rooting for anyone is rooting for the old ways.

So I think maybe I’ll try to drown out the debate Monday with a drum circle, or tie-dye some T-shirts, or make bake some brownies…….GDR

BTW, my 14 year-old daughter recommended this video, so the future seems bright.



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