Judge Anna von Reitz

The corporate media.

The chutzpah of our national media to tell us that Putin uses a controlled news media to disseminate propaganda to the Russian people.

We need to open our eyes and minds to the simple fact that we are spoon-fed disinformation by our corporate controlled media. We DO NOT get the truth from our national media, period.

One recent example is the whole birth certificate hubbub. If the press corp did want an answer to the long brewing controversy, then the very first place to look in order to get the truth would be the micro-film on file in Hawaii.

Many have questioned the birth certificate displayed on the official government site pointing out obvious errors in facts and in the creation of the fraudulent document. The forger even left his calling card, with a smiley face. President Obama’s own lawyers had to admit the long form birth certificate was bogus.        


So why not have a bi-partisan congressional  committee  look at the negative the positive was made from?  Why not end this divisive issue with the whole truth?

Just as Judge Anna, I felt a huge and crushing disappointment when I learned the truth about the lack of an honest press corp.

But we must be strong. We need to face reality, and then begin to right the wrongs. GDR


Me and Walter Cronkite

By Anna von Reitz

Like many Americans, I loved Walter. He had such a comforting voice and his dark, serious, but often gently amused eyes seemed to be looking straight into mine on many important occasions.

Of course, I trusted Walter. Who didn’t? So it came as a terrible shock to learn that he was lying to me! Yes, Walter Cronkite was lying about all sorts of things and when I first discovered that, well, it was worse than learning the truth about Santa Claus. Much worse.

Any fool, even a seven year-old, knew what happened in Dallas that day in November,1963. Anyone who saw the television footage of the assassination knew what direction the bullet was coming from and nobody needed the Warren Commission to tell us any more lies about it.

       More…       http://annavonreitz.com/waltercronkite.pdf


Fraudulent BC displayed on official White House site.





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