Here Comes the Sun

Humanity has been going through some stormy times, but the world IS changing, for the better, so don’t give up.  Have faith and hold the vision of a bright new world for all to enjoy and thrive in. The ice is breaking, and those humans on the path of service to others will begin to enjoy life in the golden age. Others that have not made the decision to ascend now will continue to work on karma until they are ready to join the others living in a reality of abundance, love, peace and harmony.
Let’s revel in each now moment.

This is the start of the rest of your life. So why not start it off right?

First off, we must get over the notion that our past rules our future. This is false. Our brains are filled with memories about various events in our lives. “This person slighted me, or I got mad wrongly”. Whatever the situation was, whether you were right or wrong, they were experiences only. Nobody to blame.

If your past experiences still do affect you now,  it is only because you’re still living in a world of karma. Free will is paramount, so if you choose to stay in the status quo reality, you will.

The 3rd density world was one where the law of karma was used as a classroom tool. The bad thing about karma is that the balance never seems to be right. We reincarnate into a body that will counter balance the previous lifetime, that was picked to right the wrongs of the previous lifetime, etc.

But once you wake up to the Universal Law and our true condition, then you will understand the beauty of our Universe, and you will know intuitively that it is time to finish up and move on. Once all the lessons are learned, they are learned and don’t need to be repeated.

When all the required self clearing  and forgiving is done, then there is no use to keep on living in this make-believe world of separation and duality. When class is over, it’s over. Time to move on.

Once we decide to step off the wheel of karma, we can then proceed to take the steps to awaken back into our 5th density selves awaiting our return. All of our brothers and sisters across the galaxy are grateful for all the experiences we have learned in the  third density world.

It is hard for us to understand all of this, and these parallel realities. We do have dopplegangers, and have fractals of the whole experiencing different realities simultaneously, but it will all make sense soon. It is not for us to comprehend it all now.

The thing we can all do to help others is to raise the frequency. The best way to do this is to be in joy. Do whatever it is that you love to do. Smile. Relax. Breathe. All is good. GDR


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