David Wilcock

Discerning the Mystery Wisdom+Teachings+Cover+Art+Long+-+Foundations+of+Pyramid+Science+Plus+Pyramid+%281%29.jpg

For over half a century, the corporate media has controlled our common perception of reality.

SourceDiscerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, September 12th 2016

This episode of Wisdom Teachings reminded me of why I have appreciated the series overall. In this discussion, David Wilcock takes a divergence off of the topic of disclosure and delves back into the area of the sacred sciences. Both of these focuses of study can be equally important in our education of the world and the universe around us. However, it is also important to have a well-rounded variety of interests.

Both the choices of conspiracy analysis and of the sacred sciences can play an important role in our process of learning and growth. Personally, I find conspiracies to be very informative and interesting to learn about. However, in order to exercise the mind, the challenge of understanding multidisciplinary scientific concepts can have its own benefit. Among these multifaceted subjects, we may find few that are more complex and yet fulfilling than that of pyramid science.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Pyramids and Ascension – Summary, Commentary, and Links

The past studies on pyramids covered by the Wisdom Teachings series were some of the most informative data sets I have personally seen in a good while. These covered Russian pyramid research and the international history of the construction of pyramids in both ancient and in recent times. Within this discussion, David Wilcock took a new step in explaining the intricate concepts behind pyramid technology.





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