Arcturian Group~Marilyn Raffaele


Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele, Sept. 11, 2016

Know that nothing happens for naught and that those whose physical bodies perished, chose pre-birth to be a part of some event that would help to awaken others. No one ever dies…

The event called 911 brought forth a new and higher awareness of the meaning of peace, of oneness…

Peace is an evolved state of consciousness,

Many believe that the world must remain as they have always known it, and that it must not change.

The world is in the midst of intense energies of evolutionary change….

Those still needing to experience and integrate the warrior energy will have opportunities to do this as warriors for peace, truth, and love.

Up to now, the world has seen peace only as an absence of war. However, IT IS NOW, TODAY, A NEW TIME in which mankind is evolving to a higher level of awareness with regard to everything.

…but most of all they need to be loved and listened to with respect for they are here to help birth a new world consciousness and a society of peace.


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