Jesse Ventura~ “Marijuana Manifesto”

Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto/ UFO Skeptic to Believer

Coast to Coast  Tuesday – September 6, 2016


Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto/ UFO Skeptic to Believer

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Former independent governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura has a reputation as a rebel and a freethinker. In the first half, he discussed his philosophy that our country needs to see full legalization of medical/recreational marijuana and hemp and to end to the War on Drugs. He began by stating that he “would not have the life I have today” if it weren’t for the medical benefits of pot. Ventura said that “Marijuana and hemp were the foundation of this country for the first 160 years of its existence” since it was used to produce rope, paper and fabric. He also believes that it should be legal for recreational as well as medicinal use. Agreeing with George, he further stated his opinion that all drugs should be legalized and addicts treated like victims of a disease rather than as criminals.

Ventura gave a list of his reasons for legalization: Marijuana is a renewable resource; it can be used to make paper and clothing; it treats glaucoma and seizures; as well as “stopping cancer.” As for the fallout of too many people stoned in public, he said that freedom “comes with a price, and part of that is the freedom to be stupid.” Caller Derek asked if he could grow pot commercially if it becomes legal in his state. Ventura used Colorado as an example and noted that residents are allowed a certain number of plants for personal use and for sale, and that a retired couple could conceivably make up to $90,000 a year in this way. Ventura also said that the Libertarian party asked him to run for president, but he declined because “couldn’t go 100% to do the job afterword.”P1000089.JPG


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