I believe this wave of energy pulsating from the Galactic Central Sun that we have been encountering lately, and now this third wave is about to crash over our Solar System, is changing all of us at an atomic level. This is slowly, raising our frequency, as well as the Earth’s,  as measured by the Schumann Resonance.
   There is  highly energetic pulse that we will hit near the end of the month, and it is said to be a doosey. Setting our intentions now, especially pertaining to our ascension is crucial. What we focus on, what we believe, what we perceive, is what we WILL manifest.
  This seems the perfect time to try and meditate more and learn to follow your heart, listen to your Higher Self, your I am Presence, your guardian angels, and others that love you and want to help you. They are real, and they are awaiting your requests. They can’t help you until they are directly invited, otherwise there would be no free will, and thus, no lessons learned.
  Positive affirmations are powerful.  Saying Grace before a meal, or being truly grateful for that next glass of water, these things are way more important than most of us have been lead to believe.,
       Gratitude is greatly underrated, IMHO. GDR



Thoughts Create Reality — Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Scientific Experiments

– By Dreamcatcher – Feb 3, 20160

On a scale of 1 to 10, how powerful do you think thoughts are to success, compared to hard work, passion, money, character, and charisma? If you’ve prioritized and rated thoughts above everything else, then you’re onto something special.

Are you aware of the following?

Our thoughts (whether positive or negative) define how we perceive a situation, how we react and respond to them, and what we learn from them.

We know that in the end thoughts define our behavior, which when repeated consistently becomes a habit, and eventually becomes ingrained as an attitude towards life?

As a result, our thoughts affects what we believe about ourselves and our capabilities, and hence what we are capable of and will do.

Given that 60% of our body mass is made of water, imagine how our thoughts and intents about ourselves and about people around us dramatically alter our own auras, and empower others.

This is where positive affirmations come into play: these are the positive thoughts that we say to ourselves, which both cleanse and strengthen our personal auras and those of people we care about and love.



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