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September 5, 2016 by Steve Beckow

Breaking Through to a New Paradigm

I said yesterday that I’d look more closely at the growth work I did over my holidays.

I wrote this article before reading Sandra Walter’s latest, in which she said:

“Transparency and disclosure is a global unfoldment; every heart and mind will have to come clean. Revelation affects everyone, not just *the bad guys* – and you can accelerate all of it through your own transparency and disclosure. Express all that is within your heart, and the collective will reflect that.” (1)

I get the impact of the third wave she describes in her article. And I so agree on the importance of transparency and disclosure – our own, never mind the bad guys.

Without us disclosing and letting go of our unworkable ways, our relationships will only get more and more strained as we head into the more refined vibrations.

Take me. I made a profession as a child of being a complainer. Now the basic negativity of that profession colors everything I do. In the more refined vibrations, I’m going to stick out like a sore thumb.

To return to the growth work, the trigger for it needs to remain private, but I fell into a depression as a result.

I had a disastrous social exchange while inhabiting this down space. I became frustrated, sharp with another, pointed in my remarks, altogether objectionable. I should never have ventured out.

In the reflection that followed, I became aware that not just one, but a number of areas in my life were simply not working. My conditioned behavior, which had never really worked but which many people caringly turned a blind eye to, was starting to cost me and others big time.

I looked for help and one source was my guidance. When I was in the pit of despair, I received this apt counsel, by way of a thought that didn’t come from me: “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought,” someone said.

That really rang a bell with me, for some unknown reason. It connected with my situation at some deep level that I didn’t fully understand.

You’d have to unpack that sentence to really get how appropriate it was for me.

I have to say more about my childhood career choice: the whiner and complainer.

As the youngest in the family, the only way I could get attention was to whine and complain. So I became a professional at it. The squeaky wheel that got the grease, Always seeing the negative side of things. Always seeing what wasn’t working. Oh my. A life sentence of negativity and objectionableness.

In the amount of pain I felt at seeing this, I saw how my tactics of negativity needed to stop.

I worked for days with this one piece of guidance.

But there was also a second source.  Three local friends in my life operate on a similar, wonderful philosophical principle. Just purely by coincidence. They don’t know each other well.

I knew there was something about what they did that worked but I could never describe it or get the hang of it.

Then, one day, I was hurting bad and looking for a way out. In response to a now-forgotten question, one of the three said to me “I’d rather be happy than right.” Again the light went on.

Yes, that’s what all three of them seemed to know and practice in common. That remark sank right into me. The realization that occurred at that moment was strong enough to cause a paradigm shift. I dropped wanting to be right rather than happy and took up the reverse.

I saw that I’d always lived by the opposite precept: I’d rather be right than happy.  A person following that line of behavior drives people away. It fits right in with being the complainer – the righteous complainer. Dead right.

So switching from where I was to where my three friends are was definitely a plus for me, a benefit, an advantage.

Perhaps notice that I’m moving from one line of behavior to another here. I’m changing my mind and changing my behavior. Such a thing is possible and usually realization furnishes the juice, the power to make a change of mind and behavior.

Being motivated to change is not our usual MO. Usually we resist attempts to change us or have us change.  But when we hurt enough, as I did at that moment, we can make needed changes, without resistance.

I now have to true up to this guidance and assimilate it, allowing it to turn me in a more favorable direction than I’ve been in.

That was only one set of vasanas that went off over the holidays, what with the rising energies, solar eclipses, etc.

Here’s another.

I’m a monk and an introvert by inclination. But I’ve also made agreements that will pull me more toward the extrovert side of the spectrum.

Those agreements will mean, at a future date, a lot of meetings, conference calls, lunches and dinners, etc.  As an introvert, I don’t excel at these.  I wouldn’t seek them out voluntarily.

How am I’m going to do this and remain calm, loving, and sane?

I look and look at what isn’t working, what there is to do, what I can do.

At last I look at the way I’m holding things. Something about my context or paradigm (introvert vs. extrovert) may not be working.

Notice what I’m doing. Cognitive dissonance has arisen in the sense that as an introvert I’m feeling a lack of space for introspection and my future holds more extroversion and even less introversion. I therefore feel anxiety rising.

What do I do? I begin to look for another way to contextualize my situation that will work better. A different way of framing it. A different way of describing it.

In this never-ending stairstep of paradigms, what other distinction can I make that works better than this one and entices my mind to change?

“Servant and served.  I am the servant.”

Interesting. Let me try it on, test it out.

Yes! That fits.

I’ve always considered myself Archangel Michael’s servant. I am the Mother’s servant.

I now begin a different phase of that service with the Reval.

I’m kicking the tires, looking under the hood, considering.

Yes, that paradigm works for me. Thank you. I’ll take it.

In whatever occurs, the gate I start at, the ground I stand on, and the destination I aim for is service.

It’s confronting to say this publicly but then, if I weren’t saying it publicly, I probably wouldn’t be doing it.  Nothing would be holding me to the mark.

There has to be something at stake to make a person move and, when you write ethnographically and publicly as I do, you have a lot at stake.

A servant cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought. In most situations, a servant will profit from being happy rather than being right. A servant knows to take care of himself first if he’s to be of service to others and to allow himself some downtime and playtime. A servant….

The dissonance is gone.  While the shoe fits, I have a new paradigm.DSCF3016.JPGPhoto by B. Kubesh

The System is Dying: Step Out All You Lightwarriors!

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Either (1) enough people venture inwards now, process their karma and become as one again with the higher vibrations of our planetary system, in which case, the transition will be a relatively smooth one; or (2) if too many resist the consciousness shift, it will create growing tension, with a much more chaotic and turbulent transition. What will it be? The smooth or more turbulent option? That all depends on us.


A Conscious Accelerator of Change

It is clearly obvious that the old system is dying. So why continue to place your trust and loyalty in it? Yes, it still owns most of the resources, and so we may have to work in it and trade with it a while longer. But to build your future hopes and expectations upon it is fruitless.

I put it to you that the only viable way forwards is to live the New Paradigm right here, right now. Then your very consciousness becomes an accelerator for change.

What’s more, as you tune into and follow your soul, it will guide you on a life’s journey through the collapsing old wold mechanisms to a future that is truly sustaining and light filled. But you have to chose it, and to make positive steps right now.

That’s what the 5GATEWAYS routemap is all about. It can help you unfold the new way of being, and in so doing, positively influence the rest of the world around you in the process. If you resonate, I invite you to explore further.



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