Helicopter money

After the financial crisis in 2008, when we bailed out the banks too big to fail, we were told that all this QE printing of money and sending it to banks all over the world would speed up our economy and then the money would trickle on down to the average hard working citizen. Didn’t happen. The rich got richer.
My idea back then was to take all those billions of brand new dollars, put varying amounts into paper bags, say $100,000 to a million in each bag, and then just leave them randomly around on street corners, park benches, and front porches. I believe that this actually would have sparked our economy. But in reality, our government wastes money in far more outrages ways, but really, it’s the corruption that is eating away the heart of our nation. GDR 

The Army Just Admitted To Wrongful Accounting Of $6.5 TRILLION!


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