Dragon families and their vast holdings.

Are we ready for it? If you were suddenly given 5 million dollars, what would you do with it?

Dave Schmidt was a Washington State Senator for 12 years, he was from the Seattle suburbs. He now resides in Sedona.

He totally comprehends spirituality, religion, government, and he understands the ones that really rule us by controlling our money supply, and thus, all

He whom has the gold, makes the rules. That is word.

Dear Friends,  

This past week I was invited to Thailand to meet with an extraordinary individual named Jason Hill.  He is a member of an elite organization that has strong ties and understandings with the Dragon Family organization.  This group also has ties to the very root core of the world’s money supply.  In this week’s radio program I will discuss my conversations with Jason, our trip to the White Dragon Temple and his explanations as to why we are seeing the repetitive delays in the funds being released. 

Monkey mind causing delays in money coming for humanitarian projects. All we need is 3% of us being on the same page, as Jason Hill reports in Dave’s  radio show, if you have enough time to listen. GDR

For those still wanting to sign up for the exchange program and report estimated currency amounts, go to the website and for those links, www.thesedonaconnection.com. 

Click here for the radio program live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.





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