On Parents

If it is true that we carefully choose our parents and their circumstances, which will become ours, why would we choose the ones we did?

Good question, as I mull over a horrible conversation I just had with my father. We picked our parents for a reason. We all wanted to learn some particular thing , or to balance our karma in some way, or to help us awaken to our true reality.

Comprehending the fine points is beyond our capacity, but generally, we are here now, and most have been here many many times, in Earth-years.  Many centuries ago in our time, when we had our “fall from Grace” and had our wings clipped , that was some 13,000 years ago. We have toiled and had many titanic hardships since then. We have learned much in our struggles. And as we are all “one”, what is experienced by one is experienced by all, so our lessens have been absorbed into all, but can be viewed individually via accessing the Akashic Record. (Which we will all soon be able to do.)

As we did not use our God-given powers back then in a way the was of benefit to all, but instead used them for power and control, things had to change. So people above our pay grade deactivated 97% of our DNA. (Junk DNA our scientists call it.)

DSCF2473.JPGWe were now separated from our umbilical cord to God and the infinite intelligence in the life-force that holds our Universe together.

But as the ticking of the clock, we have now entered into an area of higher frequency and increased photon and gamma ray activity. This is now changing our DNA/RNA at an atomic level. We are changing. Luckily we are getting a little help fro our friends whom are using advanced (to us) technology to dampen some of the over-coming waves. How we change is up to us.

How we feel sends waves of energy, and since we are not solid, but we are waves of energy slowed down to appear solid by the denseness of 3rd dimension.

But we are now changing to a different frequency. That is being measured by the Schumann Resonance. So just as a radio frequency brings in a totally different station, what we see will change on this level as well, Soon.

We exist on parallel planes now. but in real time, meaning all happens in the now. We are  clones of our real self. We contain all the information from our true self, just as one tiny fleck of a hologram contains the entire picture, or how one strand of DNA holds the codes for the entire being. (We also hold all of the same codes as God, BTW.)

Our higher self is ourselves, living happily now in 5th dimension, and listening to us, but not being able to help without directly being asked. That voice you hear sometimes, your conscience or guardian angel, whatever, that is likely you, trying to help you.

So always remember to ask for help specifically during your prayers or assertions or  in focused meditation. You WILL get what you ask for.

There are others that are there to help you as well. Many loving souls are there as humble servants trying to be of service. They can be there for you as well, that you may visit when asleep, or when you meditate or any time you can get your chattering 3rd dimension mind to take a rest for a while. We have been controlled by our bossy and status quo-quo desiring ego. The ego, conscious mind likes being the boss, and wants to keep it that way.

Folks in  5d don’t need no stinking boss. We work in harmony and follow the Divine flow of the Universe. We are all God’s children, and god wants all of us to thrive. We have all the tools already. We just need to wake up and re-learn to use them.

After all , our goal is to come back together in 5d. All is good there. Our imagination and focus are crucial here. Picture how it is after the gateway of 5d  is opened wide and folks are just naturally humbly of service to others, only living in openly and honestly in a world of free, loving, harmonious, grateful, compassionate people. All are of that mind, as those that do not share that way of being will not be allowed to stay.

The learning environment we live in is a total constructed laboratory. Pretty good huh?

These are my speculations, and we will all see soon. But remember, our thoughts create our reality. So make yours the perfect way in your mind. Hold that thought.

So our thoughts and focus are crucial. What we focus on will soon materialize for you.

Think thoughts of joy as much as possible. Be the joy. Just be.


Back to the parents. Since time in always now back in our real world, what our parents would likely be like was known to us and our guides. So we must have wanted something.

My dad’s lack of and compassion caused me to search for answers, and I found them. Thanks dad.

Now please, dad, forgive yourself.



One thought on “On Parents

  1. Quan Yin ~ Reclaim your Sovereignty
    by Jenny Schiltz ~ Posted on August 19, 2016

    We come to you today to talk about an important subject. It is the understanding of your true power and the changing of your perception. We understand that this process has been difficult and many of you have toiled on for years. What you must know deep within your being is that there is no longer anything holding you back from achieving the peace within yourself that you so desperately crave. It is you who must now change all that you have come to know and believe.

    The awakening process is not an easy one as each of you have had to come to the realization that life was not what it seemed. It is as if you have come out of a fog to realize that all is not what you believed. You looked around at your world and mourned for the people, the animals, and the earth. You were shocked to discover that mankind has gone so far out of balance that money controls all. You were shocked to learn that your food, air and water have been tampered with by the very people that you believed would protect you. You have mourned and raged and even become fearful. You desperately have wanted change and often feel mislead because you are unable to see the change reflected in the outer world. It has left you feeling helpless and miserable. These emotions are part of the process, but ones that must be left behind now.

    It is time for each of you to reclaim your sovereignty, your power, your creation. Each of you are able to hold more light than you ever have before. This is an important distinction because this light from source that illuminates your being is your power. Understand that this light from source is your soul. You are not separate from source, you never have been and it was only the illusion that led you to believe so. This illusion has served you well, your soul was able to participate in learning that cannot be achieved anywhere else in the mulitverse. Many of you have spent countless lifetimes on earth submerged in the veil of forgetfulness, exploring all the aspects of duality and all of what you are and what you are not. You have learned well from these experiences. That time has now come to an end, it is now time to come back home within yourself.

    The work that you have done to clear out the negativity and veils has created space for your light, your soul, to reside ever more fully within you. It is important for you to realize the deep changes that have taken place within you. Now it is time to take full responsibility for the light you now hold. It is now in your reach to completely change the hologram that you have created. You can now shift all things around you by merely shining your light onto whatever is in your view. Instead of railing against what you feel you can not change, instead now see all things in their highest potential light and allow them to change in reaction. The things and people in your life that are unable to rise up to the highest possible light in which you hold them will move from your field until they are ready to do so. However, many will rise to the occasion and begin their own transformations. When you freely extend your light to all without judgement or expectation you provide space for miracles to occur. There are many stories of mystics and healers throughout your world that have performed miraculous healings. It is not that these beings healed another, it is that they saw each person as whole and healed and this alone allowed for the miracles to take place. Each of you have this ability. It is simply unconditional love in action. See all as the perfect example of themselves and see how much changes within them and in your reality as a whole.

    Through this process you learned how important your thoughts are on your reality. It is not each individual thought that changes the frequency in which you create your reality, but the predominate emotions created by your thoughts. It is for this reason, that we have talked so much about the need to have joy in your life. The word joy to so many is an unobtainable concept. Yet, we ask you to look at your life and times in which you have laughed, relaxed, been in awe, or even felt simple contentment. This is joy. When you break it down into moments, you will find that you have indeed felt joy many times in your life and in those moments you experienced a shift within. This shift is you moving into a frequency that brings more joyous occasions to you like a magnet.

    You are powerful beyond measure but it is you who must believe you are so. It is you who can shift all that is taking place in your life by simply focusing on what brings you joy. Each of your contributions are needed within the collective. Each of you that stands empowered will help to alter the course for all. It is time to be the master of your own reality.

    With Love and respect,

    Quan Yin


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